Schemers Steal More Than $160,000 in Grandparent Scam


In yet another instance of how the grandparent scam has become one of the top scams targeting seniors, four people have been charged with allegedly stealing more than $160,000 from elderly Americans. According to ABC 6 in Philadelphia, the investigation began when a 77-year-old California man reported that he had been scammed out of thousands of […]

[VIDEO] The Grandparent Scam from Different Perspectives

gpa scam

To combat one of the most common scams that targets seniors, the grandparent scam, it could be useful to hear recounts of it from a different perspective. AARP’s Fraud Watch Network was established to help seniors and their families safeguard themselves against scams of every type. In this video below, they give an inside look into the […]

Arizona Healthcare Network to Pay $35M in Settlement

medicare settlement

A Tucson-based healthcare network has agreed to pay a $35-million settlement to end a civil complaint from the Department of Justice and a local Tucson woman. The Carondelet Health Network, which runs St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s hospitals in the city, did not admit to wrongdoing but did agree to pay the fine, which is […]

IRS Impersonators Scamming Americans Out of $5M


The Internal Revenue Service is warning Americans of fraudsters who are continuing to impersonate IRS agents and demand bogus payments, despite the IRS warning consumers of the scam last fall. In fact, approximately 1,100 victims have been duped out of $5 million. According to CNN Money, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which oversees […]