ATM Skimmers Sweeping Wisconsin


Next time you swipe your credit or debit card at a gas pump, ATM or other card-reading device, be aware of the possibility of skimming. Recently, Wisconsinites have been reporting instances of ATM card skimming in southeastern Wisconsin, reports the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.  A credit card skimmer is a portable card-reading device that […]

September SMP Events Galore!


September is here! Get involved with Wisconsin SMP today and help us fight fraud. Here’s a rundown of our upcoming events. Tuesday, September 1 SMP Presentation led by John Schroeder 12-1 pm St. Nazianz Nutrition Site in St. Nazianz Wednesday, September 2 SMP Presentation led by Stan Suring 1-2 pm Brown Deer Senior Citizens Club […]

Beach City Residents Facing IRS Fraudsters


Do you spend summers at home but winters in a beach city? Be on the lookout: Beach city residents are bing subjected to phone and online scammers. Beach cities police departments in California are warning residents about aggressive and sophisticated phone schemes that target taxpayers, including recent immigrants, according to The Beach Reporter. Residents are receiving […]

LA Ambulance Firm Workers Convicted in Medicare Fraud Scheme


A former owner-operator of a Los Angeles-based ambulance firm has been convicted for his involvement in Medicare fraud schemes that took in approximately $7 million in false billing. The LA Business Journal reports that Yaroslav Proshak, the former owner-operator of Gardena ambulance firm ProMed Medical Transportation, along with two managers of the firm  were convicted of health […]