DOJ Rolls Out Elder Justice Website


In an effort to hone in on financial exploitation, the Department of Justice has launched the Elder Justice website, which serves as a resource for elder abuse prosecutors, researchers, practitioners, and victims of elder abuse and their families. According to Associate Attorney General Tony West, the launch of the Elder Justice website marks another milestone […]

What is Wisconsin SMP?


For our longtime blog readers, Wisconsin SMP is an organization that they know in its entirety. But our newest readers may have some questions about what exactly Wisconsin SMP does, how it helps the senior community and how they can get involved with the organization. No matter if you’re a newer visitor or a loyal activist, […]

Protect Your Passwords


Think of all the usernames and passwords you may have: your bank account, social media sites, email, work programs–and those aren’t even the half of them. In this time of frequent hacking, it’s becoming more apparent that passwords should be ones that cannot be figured out. Did you know that more than half of all […]

The Roadmap to Preventing Elder Abuse

elder abuse

Elder abuse is a common way seniors can be victimized. In fact,  one of every 10 people ages 60 and older who live at home suffers from abuse, neglect or exploitation. Nearly two-thirds of elder abuse victims are women. However, only one in 24 victims report the abuse. The United States Department of Justice and the […]