Medicare Beneficiaries Have Saved More than $11B Since 2010


Since 2010, more than 8.2 million Medicare beneficiaries have saved more than $11.5 billion on prescription drugs as a result of the Affordable Care Act. This averages out to be savings of $1,407 per beneficiary. The Affordable Care Act makes Medicare prescription drug coverage more affordable by gradually closing the gap in coverage where beneficiaries […]

Phishing Scam Tricking Consumers with Yahoo! Name


Your email inbox may receive daily messages  from trusted sources such as Google and Yahoo. And these messages may include links in which you are encouraged to click. But it’s important to be reminded to always beware of links in emails. The Better Business Bureau is alerting consumers and businesses of a phishing scam that is using the Yahoo! […]

A Super-Sized SMP September!


With a new month comes new Wisconsin SMP events, and September isn’t short on ways to get involved! Check out all of our upcoming happenings set for the first half of next month. Remember, you can see all of Wisconsin SMP’s events in our online calendar. Tuesday, September 2 11 am: SMP Volunteer and Pro Partner […]

Watch Out with Public WiFi


Next time you’re tapping into the free WiFi at an airport or hotel, make sure you’re doing so with your guard up. The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of scammers who are setting up free WiFi connections at hotels, airports and other public spaces in order to steal personal information by creating unsecured networks that consumers […]