Report: Nursing Homes Overcharged Medicare Millions

Washington Post Medicare Graphic

The Washington Post article includes an interactive map (pictured above) with the story. Click the graphic above to visit the site and find out about nursing home facilities in your county.

A Washington Post investigative report shows that nursing homes bilked nearly $550 million a year from Medicare through “upcoding” – a practice that overbills the government for services.

Post reporters and nursing home experts reviewed more than 10 years of data – from the time when lawmakers approved a bill to, ironically, prohibit this type of abuse. From the story,”Review Heightens Concerns over Medicare Billing at Nursing Homes:”

“Facilities have been able to bill the way they want, and they are billing for more services than they are providing to people,” said Toby S. Edelman, a senior attorney for the Center for Medicare Advocacy, a watchdog group in Washington. “There’s been a lot of abuse.”

Federal authorities are investigating the claims.

The story includes this interactive map, where you can click on Wisconsin counties to see how many skilled nursing homes are in your county, their star rating and how many patients at the facility are listing in this high-billing categories. Less than 20 counties have nursing homes where more than 30 percent of patients fall into these categories.