When Telemarketers Won’t Leave You Alone

The no call list has made great strides in cutting down on annoying phone calls from telemarketers. But the problem isn’t solved completely. Many consumers still get unsolicited phone calls.  For starters it’s important to note that there is both a state and a federal no call list. You should get signed up on both. Once that’s done and your activated on the list, if you still get calls then it’s important to take action and report them. Authorities use information from consumers to prosecute organizations that are violating the terms of the lists.  They also may attempting to commit a scam or fraud. There are steps you can take to report these calls to help take action against them. The following agencies are a good place to start: company, phone number, time, caller

Attorney General’s Office – 1-800-225-7729

Federal Trade Commission – 1-877-FTC-HELP

Wisconsin Better Business Bureau

If you feel like a call is in violation, try to get these details, company name, phone number, time the call came in and the caller’s name. Check out this BBB article for more information.