Top 10 Scams of Last Year

The Better Business Bureau has named the top 10 scams of 2012; one in particular targeted many seniors.  Are you familiar with any of these?

Emergency Scam
These scams misled vulnerable grandparents by lying about dangerous situations their grandchildren could be in.

Fake Check Scam
Car ad scams that targeted consumers looking to act as vehicular advertisements had terrible repercussions.

Employment Scam
Mystery shopping scammers sought out shoppers by asking for their personal details by email or phone.

Prepayment Scam
Sketchy lenders lured consumers with nonexistent loan offers with no credit checks.

Phishing Scam
During the election, websites called people to vote for Obama, and in turn for their vote, their bills would be paid.

Lottery Scam
A Jamaican phone lottery scammed consumers with a prepaid fee in exchange for their winnings.

Identity Theft Scam
Fake Facebook posts and tweets tempted readers to click on virus-lauded links.

Home Improvement Scam
Victims of Hurricane Sandy found themselves in murky water with questionable contractors.

Sales Scam
Too-good-to-be-true offers targeted naive shoppers looking to score a great deal.

and the 2012 Scam of the Year is 

Fake charities claiming to benefit families of the Newtown school shooting victims were set up to take advantage of the tragedy in attempts to make money.