Replacing Lost Important Life Documents

If you’ve ever lost your birth certificate, Social Security card, or Medicare card, you know how stressful it can be not only worrying about where the documents went, but how to replace them The Savvy Senior column from The Oklahoman tackles this dilemma. Here’s how you can replace these important life documents: Birth certificate: If you […]

Penn. Cracking Down on Medicare Fraud by Ambulance Companies

A Pennsylvania man has been charged with making false statements in a health care matter. The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that, Based Kuran, 23, of Philadelphia, the former owner of the now defunct VIP Ambulance Inc., allegedly falsified reports (or people acting on his behalf did), to make it appear patients needed to be transported by ambulance when […]

Protect Yourself from Financial Exploitation

Scammers are becoming increasingly more likely to financially exploit older Americans. USA Today suggests a few things you can do to prevent senior financial exploitation scams: When making any type of financial decision, the best way to protect yourself is to ask lots of questions — both of the person offering the investment and of yourself. Don’t […]

Men Plead Guilty in $3.3M Texas Medicare Fraud Scheme

Two men have pleaded guilty to a Texas-based Medicare fraud scheme that stole nearly $3.3 million in federal funds. According to the Houston Chronicle, Zaven “Mike” Pogosayan and Edvard Shakhbazyan hired patients to claim they had fictional symptoms and the government was billed for tests that never happened or were not medically necessary. The men […]