Wisconsin SMP offers several podcasts to teach consumers and volunteers about scams, frauds and more. Simply click the link below to listen. To save to your computer, right click, the “Save Target As,” or “Save File As.”

KevinBrown studio

Kevin Brown, Project Director

Fraud 2015

Prescription Drug Fraud
Home Health Fraud

Consumer Protection 2013

How to Advocate for Yourself
Medical Identity Theft
Durable Medical Equipment
All About the False Claims Act

Each of the following audio files are available in English, Spanish and Hmong.

Consumer Scams on Non-English Speaking Populations

Consumer Scams on Non-English Speaking Populations – Spanish
Consumer Scams on Non-English Speaking Populations  – Hmong
Consumer Scams on Non-English  Speaking Populations – English

Volunteer with Wisconsin SMP

Volunteers – Spanish
Volunteers – Hmong
Volunteers – English

Identity Theft

Identity Theft – Spanish
Identity Theft – Hmong
Identity Theft – English

About Wisconsin SMP

What is Wisconsin SMP? – Spanish
What is Wisconsin SMP? – Hmong
What is Wisconsin SMP? – English

What is Medicare?

Medicare Overview – English
Medicare Overview – Hmong
Medicare Overview – Spanish

How to Spot – and Report – Medicare Fraud

Medicare Fraud, Errors & Abuse – English
Medicare Fraud, Errors & Abuse – Hmong
Medicare Fraud, Errors & Abuse – Spanish