Volunteer with Wisconsin SMP

Wisconsin SMP relies on the help of volunteers as we empower seniors to prevent healthcare fraud. Thanks for your interest! Take a look at the list below to see the different ways you can help.

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The Roles of Wisconsin Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteers

Making Group Presentations-Statewide

Make 5-30 minute presentations using SMP approved materials and scripts to audiences that consist of Medicare beneficiaries, their caregivers, and/or other members of the public who want to gain awareness of the SMP program and the national effort to prevent, detect, and report fraud, error, and abuse in the health care system. These presentations may take place at:

  • Senior centers/community centers
  • Health fairs/senior fairs
  • Meetings of civic or faith-based organizations
  • Identify other audiences and locations where in depth presentations may be appropriate

Staffing Exhibits-Statewide

Provide general information about the SMP and health care fraud, error, and abuse at events by:

  • Setting up booths at community events
  • Distributing written information about the SMP program and its services
  • Answering general questions about the SMP program and its services

Distribution Volunteer-Statewide

Deliver and disseminate SMP hard copy education and information materials through:

  • Senior residential facilities
  • Senior centers/community centers
  • Health care providers, including hospitals and clinics
  • Health fair and senior fair booths

Administration Volunteer – Madison Office

Volunteers who assist with administration may perform tasks at the Madison office that may include:

  • Collating
  • Internet searches
  • Fulfilling requests for information and materials

Find out more!

Wisconsin SMP is as strong as its volunteers, who can choose exactly how much they volunteer.

In this podcast, volunteer coordinator Judy Steinke shares what you need to know about becoming a volunteer.

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