Who are we?

Wisconsin SMP is a program of the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups. Staffed by a grant manager/trainer, a volunteer coordinator and volunteers. Wisconsin SMP is one of the oldest federally funded “fraud buster” programs in the country. The project is dedicated to stopping healthcare fraud, waste and abuse.

What do we do?

Medicare/Medicaid error, fraud, waste and abuse result in a loss of over $60 billion each year. The Medicare program is important and needs to be protected so the benefit will be available for future generations.

Wisconsin SMP provides training and information to Medicare beneficiaries, caregivers, and professionals, on issues like these:

  • What is Medicare/Medicaid and who qualifies?
  • What benefits are available at what cost?
  • What is Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D?
  • What is healthcare fraud, waste and abuse?  How does it affect benefits?
  • What can be done if there is over-billing on a Medicare statement?
  • How can others in your community be educated to understand and maximize their Medicare/Medicaid benefits?
  • Why is healthcare fraud, waste and abuse a concern?

How are we funded?

This site is published and distributed by the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups Elder Law Center, funded in part by grant #90MP0213 from the Administration for Community Living, Department of Health and Human Services. Grantees undertaking projects under government sponsorship are encouraged to express freely their findings and conclusions. Points of view or opinions do not, therefore, necessarily represent official Administration for Community Living policy.